Hello yogi, 


Welcome to my yoga website.


My name is Lauren Massarella and I hope to be your mindful yoga guide. 


I am an insured, 200 hour registered yoga teacher with ten years of experience teaching studio classes, private lessons, and specialized yoga for individuals with specific needs including autism and dementia. My teaching is based in Chicago, Il. 


When it comes to what "kind" of yoga I teach, technically I teach a combination of hatha and vinayasa yoga. I love holding postures for several breaths just as much as moving through poses based on breath. Each variation offers exceptional tools for everyday life and body/mind maintenance. 


But what I really teach is a fun, open-minded, integrative, compassionate type of yoga. I love to explore what we are all capable of doing and needing in our practices. 


My mission is to show you how to utilize the tools of yoga to become more present, to feel strengthened, and to obtain stretch. Many of us do not realize how good our body and mind can feel - yoga has the ability to aid in both areas at the same time. Isn't that cool?! I think is and that's why I love sharing yoga with other humans.  It can change the direction of your day, possibly your entire outlook on your life.


Whether you want to experience stretch and mindful breathing or a more vigorous session of yoga, I've got you and your yoga needs covered. 


I hope to have the opportunity to practice mindfulness and yoga with you sometime soon.


Please reach out with any inquiries. 


Peace and love and namaste,  




Certification obtained from The Lab yoga studio; Chicago.


"Having practiced yoga on and off for almost 15 years, I could never find enough motivation to have a consistent practice. Meeting Lauren changed that for me. She is a talented and experienced instructor; her teaching style is relaxed, informative, and welcoming with no judgment. She makes yoga attainable and fun while providing a solid structure for your own practice, whether that is a drop-in class here and there or a daily flow. Lauren is a lovely person, inside and out, and I highly recommend her as a knowledgeable and versatile yoga teacher.

- Kathy L, 42

University Administrator

Former Reluctant Yogi 

Lauren is one of the most relatable, funny, and down to earth people I've ever met - and her yoga teaching is no different. She is genuine, authentic, inclusive, and makes the practice of yoga completely digestible. Unroll your mat with her and you won't regret it for a second.

- Jenna M.

Lauren is great about meeting you at your level of practice and intuiting what you need. I have done yoga since my 20s (with a gap in my 30s), but my practice was changing as my body aged pasty 50. Lauren helped me adjust effortlessly. I found her very knowledgeable--and I learned from a respected, "hard-nosed" pioneer on Chicago's yoga scene. Give her a try!

- Kevin

Lauren’s yoga sessions are more than just physical - she brings so much positive energy to her classes.  For me, there is nothing better than the calm, consistent instruction and optimistic outlook that Lauren provides.  

I look forward to it every week.

- Gail

Three years ago, I had the opportunity to take Lauren’s class, and since then I’ve been hooked! The energy, ambiance, and positive attitude make her class a plethora of enjoyment. After her classes, my mindset and body feel amazing.  Also, When my out of state guests visit me, I take them to Lauren’s class and they too tout that they’ve never felt so refreshed.

If you’re new to yoga, you must visit her class.

- Imran